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Yakuza 0 Lands Its First Trailer And Is Set To Hit Japan In Spring 2015

Yakuza-0-First-Trailer-Screenshot-01Go back in time to see the making of a true warrior with Sega’s newly-announced ‘Yakuza 0’ which is set to hit the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan next Spring. Sony Computer Entertainment held a press conference today wherein which they announced a whole bunch of new information on some of their upcoming games alongside some accompanying trailers.

‘Yakuza 0’ got some first class treatment at the conference with Sega releasing its very first trailer which not only takes viewers through the game’s story but its more detailed elements. ‘Yakuza 0′; the franchise prequel tells the story of a young Kazuma Kiryu as well as a just-as-young Majima Goro, both of which we’ve seen countless times throughout the series.

The game takes place in 1988 and will tell the story of how these two young men came to be. It will take place in the well-known city of Kamurocho as well as Soutenbori, both of which are known for their high rate of Yakuza activity. TGS (Tokyo Game Show) is only just around the corner and my hope is that we see more out of this game once it comes around.


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