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Yakuza 0 – Get To Know The Young Kazuma Kiryu With The Video Game Prequel


Warriors are not born, warriors are made. Men do not just ‘become’ Yakuza, it’s a life one must be conditioned for, it is not something that you can simply fall into. Sega’s ‘Yakuza’ video game series is much beloved, as fans we’ve followed the life of Kazuma Kiryu through the ups and downs. We’ve seen the animal inside of him but, in saying that, we’ve also seen the love he can provide.

What we’ve yet to see is how he became the Kazuma Kiryu that we now know…until now. Barely a week ago, Sega announced their next big video game ‘Yakuza 0’; a prequel to the franchise that tells the story of a young Kazuma Kiryu as well as a just-as-young Majima Goro, both of which we’ve seen countless times throughout the series. The game, which is set for an exclusive Sony release (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4), takes place in 1988 and will tell the story of how these two young men came to be. It will take place in the well-known city of Kamurocho as well as Soutenbori, both of which are known for their high rate of Yakuza activity.

Japan’s ‘Famitsu’ magazine featured an article in their latest online update that focused on the upcoming game and shared with the world the first screenshots. Showing a very young, but still somehow old-looking, Kazuma and a dapper Majima, these images will serve as our very first look at ‘Yakuza 0’. As someone who’s played many of the ‘Yakuza’ games, I’m quite excited for what ‘Yakuza 0’ has to offer. As the series evolved, more and more characters were introduced and gamers were confronted with an influx of character backstory, I feel as though Sega have taken a nice turn with ‘Yakuza 0’ as now we’re able to discover Kazuma’s true past.

In many ways this will help long-time series fans to more appreciate Kazuma, there is no downside to knowing more about a character and I’m keeping my hopes high for the game. No release date has been set which makes sense seeing as Sega have revealed that they are only about 60% done. My hope is that we’ll be able to see this sometime before the end of next year.


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