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XV From XV – Highlight Trailer Released For Final Fantasy XV Demo -Episode Duscae-


Please don’t tell me you missed out on playing the demo for Final Fantasy XV! You know what I’m talking about right? Episode Duscae? Surely when you picked up your copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD you made sure to play the free demo that came with it. You didn’t get Final Fantasy Type-0 HD?! That’s insane! No, wait, it’s fine, it’s fine. Square Enix have done us all a solid today, especially those who havn’t played the Episode Duscae demo, and released a pretty great three minute trailer which basically highlights fifteen of the best moments from the Final Fantasy XV demo. Fifteen for fifteen, you get it? Yeah, you get it.

Because of limited supplies, it’s not too crazy to imagine that some people didn’t actually get a chance to play the demo. I overreacted before and I apologise. Watching this video will instil in you exactly what playing the demo did; that this is going to be one hell of a great Final Fantasy title.

It’s one that fans have been waiting on for quite some time and it’s actually, when you think about it, not too far away from finally being in our longing hands. While there’s no actual specific release date, we ARE getting plenty of trailers, general information and even a demo so you can’t really complain about the lack of content. This means that it’s definitely on it’s way, so hold tight, watch the new trailer and prepare yourself for Final Fantasy XV.


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