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Xenoblade Chronicles X Shows Its Sense Of Humour In New Trailer


Nintendo Of Europe recently posted a brand-new Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer online that shows both the upcoming video game’s quirkiness and it’s more action-packed side. Titled the “Do Something A Bit More Exciting” trailer, the video showcases just how open world the game is and how unique an experience it will be for individual players the world over by highlighting just a few of the features that, previously, weren’t shown.

Catching a sleeping enemy monster, going for a dip in the New Los Angeles bay, catching your friends cooking another of your friends; it’s all a possibly in Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles X…but then so is slaying said giant monsters, incredible weapon play, and over-the-top mech battles, so…it’s got a little of something for everyone. Xenoblade Chronicles X will get a release for the Wii U across both Europe and North America on the 4th of December.


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