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X Marks The Spot – Capcom And Nintendo Announce Monster Hunter X

Monster-Hunter-X-Teaser-Trailer-Screenshot-01 You somehow made your way through Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, good on you! I couldn’t. I tried…but I simply wasn’t good enough. You though, you’re something else! You’re a G-Rank Hunter and you should be proud of that. Like any industry veteran, you decide that it’s time to retire now that you’ve reached the top. You hang up your greaves and you start living the life of maybe a successful shop owner instead. It’s now time for you to relax. The months go buy and all of the sudden you hear word of a new Monster Hunter title…what? You thought you were out of the business for good, but this new game…this new Monster Hunter game…it’s hooked you. You thought you were out but it’s pulled you back in! You grab your previously hung-up greaves and rush out the door ready for new adventures! Once a Hunter, always a Hunter!

Nintendo and Capcom, over the weekend, revealed that there’s a brand-new mainstream Monster Hunter title in the works that goes by the name Monster Hunter X. Like the previous title Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, this new addition to long lineage of games will also be released on the Nintendo 3DS and will use as many of the console’s capabilities as it can. Announced at the Monster Hunter: Hunter no Tsudoi 2015 event, there was nothing but word of the new game until the Sunday that has just passed when a teaser trailer was released as part of the Nintendo Direct presentation over in Japan.

Despite still being in development and still so far away from a full release, Nintendo and Capcom have stated that this is a title set to hit shelves this Winter. The trailer, which I’ve provided for you below, goes for a nice two and a half minutes and gives you just a small taste of what’s to come in the new Monster Hunter X, so check it out and get ready for one hell of a crazy hunt!


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