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Winter 2016 Anime Season Watch Guide


Alright folks, Halliday-senpai is back once again to knowledge you up on what to watch this anime season. As always I won’t be commenting on an anime series if it’s not on my personal radar, but if you feel I’ve overlooked something pretty fantastic let me know the error of my ways in the comments section. That said, I will be listing what I think is worth a look in for Winter 2016. So without further adieu, here is SnapThirty’s handy Winter 2016 anime season watch guide.

erased-anime-posterERASED (A-1 Pictures)

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi known in English as ERASED is the latest series to air in the noitaminA anime block.

It comes with a lot of expectations for a number of reasons, whether it be that it is an adaptation of a fantastic manga series or that it is airing in such a prestigious timeslot which was shared by many modern anime classics. Fortunately for ERASED it lives up to expectations and blows every other series this season out of the water.

With a killer premise and intriguing time travel story hook, ERASED is a powerful anime series that has started strong to widespread critical acclaim, even getting a glowing review in our first thoughts piece on the series.

Following Satoru Fujinuma a man with the burden of having to relive events in order to change fate, often saving lives in the process all the while putting himself in harms way. It is thrilling stuff and ultimately amounts to the best new series of the season. If you’re not watching it yet, you’re missing out.

dagashi-kashi-posterDagashi Kashi (Feel Studio)

Who would have thought that an anime about a Japanese candy shop could be so damn fascinating? Well Dagashi Kashi is just that, an intriguing and rather humourous look into the world of the humble Japanese candy store.

The series follows perhaps the most ridiculous and randomly named protagonists in quite some time, Coconuts, the heir to a candy store empire who would much rather have nothing to do with it. That is until a hot girl obsessed with dagashi kashi candy shows up at his shop.

Dagashi Kashi is a fun show that hits all the right notes and genuinely feels like a fresh idea in the anime genre that has a problem of recycling themes.

dimension-w-posterDimension W (Studio 3Hz)

With the same creator as Darker Than Black, there was of course a lot of anticipation behind Dimension W, which may very well have been the most anticipated of this season if we are looking at things objectively. Does the series live up to the expectations? Well it depends what you were hoping for.

Watching Dimension W it is hard not to make comparisons to the works that clearly inspired it. The coil system and idea of a world that uses the technology of these fantastical coil devices is one that was explored in Dennou Coil in the past and the protagonist comes off as somewhere as a cross between Mugen from Samurai Champloo and Will Smith’s technology hating character from iRobot.

While it may be derivative in some ways, Dimension W does feel rather fresh and has a great sense of style to its animation. It may not be the best of the season but its worth a watch for science fiction fans.

prince-of-stride-posterPrince of Stride: Alternative (Madhouse)

Back in the business of making sports anime series, Madhouse hits back with Prince of Stride: Alternative a sports anime series that will no doubt garner the same fanfare as series like Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and Haikyu! which have a massive female fan base.

Prince of Stride unlike many others in the sports anime genre focuses on a sport made up for the anime series, a sport called Stride. Stride is basically freestyle parkour relay racing across the city and what not. At first I thought that it sounded a little bit odd to say the least but seeing it in action the series is pretty damn captivating.

I found myself on the edge of my seat with each Stride race and the parkour action was quite a sight to behold thanks to Madhouse’s fantastic animation. It is a fresh take on the sports genre and its about damn time.

myriad-colors-phantom-world-posterMyriad Colors: Phantom World (Kyoto Animation)

The big harem series of the season, Myriad Colors: Phantom World has more on its mind than being a simple harem series. With a setting and premise that is both deep and utterly intriguing, Myriad Colors: Phantom World isn’t your average harem and in fact it winds up being one of the best shows this season.

High octane action, brimming with vibrant animated sequences and fluffed up with some silly fan service sequences there is a lot to like in this series. I mean, I have never seen a limbo scene in an anime before but that is pretty much how I imagined it going if there ever was one.

Myriad Colors: Phantom World is all kinds of fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and isn’t overly concerned with titillating viewers with harem tropes, rather exciting them with its action and compelling them to watch on with its fascinating plot (take that as you will).


With one of the worst English translated anime names in recent memory BBK/BRNK otherwise known as Bubuki Buranki is utterly chaotic to say the least. There is so much going on in any given episode of this series but there is something strangely engaging about that.

Like Valvrave before it, BBK/BRNK has just decided to brainstorm a bunch of ideas and then said stuff it lets just put them all in! It can be hit and miss obviously but there is something fun about the unpredictability that comes with that kind of random approach to storytelling.

To be entirely honest I found BBK/BRNK to be utterly ridiculous but there is something charming about it that tempts me to go on watching. I guess its the train wreck effect? You just can’t look away.

Also worth mentioning…

A few other series that might be worth a look in but won’t be getting a full write up for lack of interest on my part include the next Assassination Classroom season, Active Raid, Girls Beyond The Wasteland, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Haruchika and Divine Gate. Although they haven’t exactly made the cut on my watch guide this time around, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section. Let me know your thoughts on these series below.

Did we miss an anime you are looking forward to for Winter 2016? If so let us know what you are looking forward to watching in the comments section below. Do you agree with our watch guide? Let us know!


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