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Will The Naruto Exhibition Guestbook Finally Reveal Kakashi’s Face?

naruto-special-manga-chapter-kakashi-face-revealed-01Naruto fans have always wondered just what was beyond the mask of Team 7 sensei and Leaf Jonin Kakashi. He hardly ever takes the damn thing off and whenever he actually does there’s something between us and what I assume is his lovely lower face. Many fans of over the years have tried their hand at interpreting just what it is that’s under the mask using the contours of his face and a little of their imagination but nothing comes close to the man himself Masashi Kishimoto drawing it with his own two hands. It’s just not the same! This may all change very soon though seeing as the new Naruto Exhibition that’s set to open up in just a few days may actually show Kakashi’s face in a short Manga drawn by series creator Masashi Kishimoto that is given to all exhibition-goers.

The internet has already gotten a little peak at what this guestbook has to offer and what people have taken from it is that Kakashi’s face will indeed be shown. Now whether or not that is actually true is really anyone’s guess now but I’d like to believe that, finally, the world will be given the eternal gift of Kakashi’s actual face. The Manga shown in the preview is actually quite similar to an episode of the original Anime series wherein which Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura discuss what their teacher actually looks like and just how they can remove his mask. You can now see why it has lead people to believe that this will finally happen but, if the episode in question is anything to judge by; there’s a good chance that wont be the case. Who am I to make the decision though? Nobody! That’s who!

The Naruto Exhibition will open up in Tokyo on the 25th of April and will run until the 28th of June. After it leaves Tokyo, it will then head to Osaka where it will open up on the 18th of July and run until the 27th of September. If you’re in Japan, like my fellow writer Luke Halliday is at the moment, I suggest taking the time to hit up this exhibition. Not only will you be able to see Kakashi’s actual face first hand but I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic little event for all Naruto fans.


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