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Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoker – New Playable Character Announced For One Piece: Burning Blood


Do me a favour, I need help proving something; go ahead and ask any One Piece fan who their favorite character is. Chances are, they’re all going to be drastically different, of course, but I have a sneaking suspicious they’ll all mention Smoker at least once during the conversation because, well…he’s Smoker. There’s a new One Piece game on the horizon, and this time it’s not being developed by Omega Force which means it’s not going to be another Pirate Warriors title! Wahoo!

One Piece: Burning Blood was announced by Bandai Namco Entertainment recently and already it has been confirmed to be making it’s way to the West next year. Despite that, there’s not a great deal we know about this upcoming fighting game; we know that it won’t be like previously released One Piece titles, and we know that the gameplay mechanics will have a great deal to do with Haki and Logia users. If you don’t know what those two things are, I think you may be in the wrong place.

V-Jump, a Japanese pop culture publication, has revealed some extra information for the upcoming game. One piece of information is that Vice Admiral Smoker, the aforementioned fan favorite character, will be one of the playable characters in the upcoming game. Seeing as he is both a Logia user and has mastered the arts of Haki, he’s a perfect contender for the countless other ridiculously strong One Piece characters set to feature in this game.

V-Jump not only revealed that Smoker will be in the game, the magazine also spilled the beans on some of the interesting Logia VS Haki gameplay mechanics that will set this game apart from all other One Piece titles.


Much like the series, the only way to actually damage Logia users is by activating Haki to cancel it out. This is how you’ll turn the tides of battle and get one over your opponent. Characters with Logia Guard activated will be unable to be hit by physical attacks alone, that’s when you’ll have to activate your Haki and go in for the kill. In addition to combat, Logia users will be able to move around the battlefield a lot easier seeing as they’re simply made out of whatever substance their fruit details; Ace is fire, Smoker is…smoke. You get the gist.

It seems as though this game is pretty in-depth, and knows what it’s doing in regards to the world of One Piece, which is immeasurably exciting seeing as it may indeed be the very first game to do so. One Piece: Burning Blood is set for a 2016 release for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita.

Thankfully for us all, the lovely people over at ShonenGamez have gotten their hands on the full image of the announcement and have gone ahead and translated it, so make sure if you’re to thank anyone for the picture above…it’s them!


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  1. Tobi says

    How come Smoker isn’t wearing his Justice jacket that all vice admirals wear?

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