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Where In The World Is Serpente’s Body? – 91 Days Episode Three – Season’s Writings


Episode two left us on quite a cliffhanger, but the start of episode three revealed that it was nothing more than a red herring. After confronting Nero about the death of his best friend Vanno at the hands of Serpente, or so Avilio says, it looked as though our “hero” wasn’t going to be put to rest somewhat prematurely. As it turns out, pointed a gun at someone’s head is just the Italian way of expressing anger, the grieving Nero was never going to fill Avilio with lead, but he did almost send him to his death at the hands of Fango after “requesting” that he finds Serpente’s body. Why is that so important? Well, the rest of the organised crime world doesn’t necessarily care about the details of this double murder, all they know is that a member of the Vanetti crime family killed one of the Orcos, which is more than enough to ignite the flames of war, turning Lawless from a simple corrupt town full of bootleggers and thieves into a battlefield…come to think of it, the battlefield may be a better option.

Episode three revolves solely around the search for Serpente’s body. The Vanetti’s are looking for it so that they can attempt to cover it up, or even present it to the Orcos as a sign of apology for what has transpired. Fango, on the other hand, cares not for his family decides to do about the situation and searches for Serpente’s corpse of his own accord seeing as, well…they were kind of close. Friends, even. While the Orcos want to put this behind them so as to retain the level of non-hostility the families currently share, Fango believes that it is only right to kill those who killed Serpente, regardless of who they are.


Avilio, in HIS search for the body, discovers that it had been sold to Scusa; a man with a great deal of leverage over the Vanettis that intends to blackmail them for his own advantage. While the younger members of the family raid Scusa’s compound in search for the body, the more mature of the lot discuss which actions should be taken to ensure that another war doesn’t break out. At the compound; Nero and Avilio run into trouble as they’re followed by Fango and his new right-hand man. A gunfight breaks out with the Vanetti’s escaping, and Fango now one-hundred percent aware of exactly who took out his friend.

Back at the Vanetti’s headquarters, Vincent Vanetti makes the decision to put Nero into hiding until all of this dies down. The Orcos believe that it was under Nero’s order that Serpente was put to death, so the only way to appease them is for Nero to himself be killed. No father could do that to his son, so Vincent decides that a small vacation for Nero under the guise of his disappearance would be the best course of action. Avilio, being the intelligent weasel he is, puts his hand up to accompany Nero, and the family agrees. The episode ends with Vanno’s funeral, and the two heading off to the country side.


Now the unfortunate thing about episode three is that I found it to be a lot slower than the two that came before it. Despite the fact that a great deal transpired, and the basis of the episode was quite enjoyable, I was overcome with this feeling of sluggishness. Episode three meandered somewhat, but it was a necessary slow as it gave both the audience and the characters within the show a chance to try and digest the repercussions of gangland warfare. People are dying, and there are consequences. Every single action is followed by a reaction, and it seems as though that was the basis for this episode, outside of, of course, the search for Serpente’s body, which I found to be a fairly enjoyable theme for this episode.

During my write-up for the last episode I mentioned how 91 Days is incredibly good at showing actual emotion in characters which, in turn, then forces you to have those same feelings. I will not redact this because of episode three, in fact, I will now say that this feeling of realistic, multi-dimensional personalities is even more accentuated. Even in characters like Fango, who have really only been shown as sadistic arseholes, seem to feature some redeeming qualities. The fact that he actually went to search for Serpente’s dead body, and those that produced it, means he had some genuine feelings for the man outside of being his murder buddy. Many people will say that Fango’s quest was only for the sake of causing more trouble, but I think he’s a much deeper individual than that.


So this episode was a little slow…who cares? I still enjoyed it very much! I actually watched it twice, just incase I missed something important that would soon return in future episodes. Whether or not that is indeed the case is yet to be confirmed, but regardless it is a series that has inspired me to pay absolutely as much attention to it as possible…which is kind of hard for someone like me that cannot sit still for more than fifteen minutes at a time. I can feel it in my bones, there’s something big coming very soon that is going to exceed all expectations I currently have for the series, not that it hasn’t already done that. Fact is, I’m going to keep watching, indefinitely. 91 Days is great, slow episode or otherwise.

91 Days is now available to watch through Crunchyroll: Click Here.


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