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What’s Old Is New Again – Introducing Cyber Gadget’s “Retro Freak”


Get ready to change your underwear, retro gamers, because this new console will have you far too excited to control yourself. Have you ever heard of a company called Cyber Gadget? Maybe yes, maybe no. They’re a Japanese video game peripheral developer and manufacturer that have only recently decided to begin creating their very own video game console but, oddly enough, it’s not to compete with the current generation juggernauts like the Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

This new console, titled the Retro Freak, is not so much for fans of new games, rather it is for those of you out there who’re more at home in the past. This upcoming console will feature eleven cartridge ports that each represent a different old-school video game system and the games that were playable on them.

Yes, this big, white slab of a video game console will have more holes than a block of swiss cheese but unlike that of the dairy product each will be more than just wasted space. In short; this new console will justify you hoarding all of the old cartridges you’ve got stashed away deep within your closet.


Family Computer, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Famicom, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Genesis, Mega Drive, TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, PC Engine SuperGrafx. These are the featured consoles and systems of which the Retro Freak will emulate thanks to it’s universal compatibility and it’s many cartridge slots.

Now I’m sure you’ve got all your games stacked up nice and neatly but some of you out there may actually be in the need to get rid of them despite the fact that you really don’t want too. Well with the Retro Freak you can save a copy of the game from the cartridge onto the console so that you’ll never have to use the physical version ever again. This means you can sell your old games for amazingly large amounts while still being able to keep and play them. It’s a win win situation!

Being a newer system, the Retro Freak plays host to a fantastic feature that allows these old titles, once loaded onto the machine, come through at a higher resolution meaning they’ll be crisper and clearer then they have ever been despite what television you play it on and despite how old the game actually is.

Doing the world even more justice, the system will allow for players to save their progress in any game at anytime despite their being no such thing within whatever game it is that they’re playing. Let’s say you’re mid-way through Megaman 1 and realise you’ve got an important business meeting to attend (all successful businessmen play Megaman, it’s a proven fact), well all you have to do is bring up the console feature that allows you to save exactly where you want to. It’s that easy.


You can also exchange save data from the actual cartridges you’ve put into the system. Maybe you want to hold on to that Level 100 Charizard you have on your Pokemon Red game, will plug it in an transfer that straight onto the console. There it will live on forever. Retro Freak will also still allow you to input cheat codes so that you don’t necessarily have to play these games fairly. There’s nothing fun about playing by the rules.

Like any good console, the Retro Freak will come with it’s very own controller that will feature a variety of buttons that will span across most of the compatible consoles. Resembling an old Nintendo controller with a new paint job, the Retro Freak’s gamepad can also be swapped out for others if you so choose to do so. As a part of it’s many plug points, the Retro Gamer will be compatible with old controller models so you can really go for that retro feel.


Now this real life video game emulator has only been announced for Japan but I’m sure a lot of you smart cookies out in the web can find ways to bring it to your front door without having to step foot out of your bedroom. The Retro Freak is set for a September release and will set you back about $165 dollars for the standard edition and $215 for the premium edition. As of right now, there’s actually no word on the difference between the two but my guess is that the premium edition features more memory than the standard. Though that’s mere speculation.

Surely this news has done something to brighten your day. I’m not that big a fan of retro titles but even I felt compelled to figure out a way to buy this new console. If only I’d kept all of my old games…why didn’t I keep all of my old games? My Blastoise is surely dead by now. I’m so ashamed. Sorry, Shelly…you’ll be missed!

You absolutely NEED to check out the official site for the console: Click Here



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  2. The Retro Freak, CE version for the Eur. and USA market are ready! Retro Freak is a retro game system

    which allows you to play cartridges of 12 different game consoles. This is a total memory of the video game


    This product is produced by more than 10 factories and then gathered together for assembling, to avoid

    being copied easily.

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