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What’s Better Than The ‘Persona 4 Arena’ Fighting Game? A Stage Play!


No need to double check the article title, readers. I didn’t mistype nor did I misread source material. This is one hundred percent legit. It was today announced that the ATLUS fighting game ‘Persona 4 Arena’ is set to be turned into a stage play. Yes, a stage play. Now I know what many of you are thinking and, yes, both ‘Persona 3’ and ‘Persona 4’ inspired plays of their own but they were, in my opinion, more story driven than ‘Persona 4 Arena’ which, for all intents and purposes, is simply a fighting game.

I hope that bigger fans of the game don’t snap me too hard for under exaggerating just how important the story may or may not be or how in depth they believe it truly is, it just takes me by surprise that a fighting game is getting it’s very own stage play. Shutaro Oku – who actually directed the ‘Persona 3’ and ‘Persona 4’ stage plays – will be returning as the director for the ‘Persona 4 Arena’ play. Jun Kumagi will also be joining the crew, bringing his experience writing for the ‘Persona 4’ anime series to the stage. To make this even sweeter; Shoji Meguro and Atsushi Kitajo will be teaming up to score the play. Both of these composers have worked on previous ‘Persona’ projects so it makes sense for them to be brought back for the play.

Look, despite all my jokes…this may be pretty damn cool. It’s always exciting to see your favorite characters in different situations, sometimes not even in animated situations. If I lived in Tokyo I’d definitely hit up this play which, I almost forgot to mention, will run from the 19th to the 23rd of December at the Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijō. Hit up the official website for the play because soon enough they’ll be updating it with a bunch of new information regarding tickets, pricing and most likely the cast.


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