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What We Know About Persona 5’s Three New Female Characters


About a week ago, ATLUS held a live-streaming event wherein which they played the first new Persona 5 trailer in quite some time. This new trailer, as one would imagine, came packed with a bunch of stuff that no-one (bar those who’ve worked on the game) has ever seen before, including three new characters, one of which who has already been titled “fan favorite”. These new ladies came and went with barely any explanation nor introduction, but it is only now that the latest issue of Famitsu magazine has been released that we are actually given some information on just who these girls are. While there isn’t really that much to delve into at this point in time, what the magazine has divulged is enough to get hearts racing, with the Persona-loving audience full well knowing that there’s much more to learn about these characters as the game nears it’s release.

Futaba Sakura:

This young lady is one you surely already know about. She was the new character revealed in the latest trailer that had, arguably, the most screen time, and she was an instant hit with the Persona fandom. This lovely, bespectacled, young girl will serve as your navigator throughout the events of Persona 5. She doesn’t often interact with people, especially after a certain tragic event in her life forced her into become a shut-in, for the most part. She will, however, talk comfortably with that of the game’s protagonist and, for the most part, the other characters of the group, but will recoil into her comfort zone when she feels as though enough is enough. Her and the protagonist aparantly meet in quite an uncouth way, but regardless of that, her involvement in the story will be pivotal, so I’d pay as much attention to her as possible if I were you.

Her Persona, Necronomicon, is an Unidentified Flying Object that symbolises Fukuba’s unknown powers and her hidden potential. As far as it’s relation to thievery like the rest of the group, one can only speculate that the mythology behind extraterrestrial’s proclivity towards “abduction” to be it’s basis. Like all Personas; Necronomicon’s true form will shine when it evolves later on in the game’s story.

Makoto Niijima:

This proper lass was also given a great deal of screen time in the most recent trailer, but unfortunately takes second place to that of Fukuba. Unfortunately hype for this character is not as powerful as for that of Fukuba, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less of a driving force behind the game’s story. A personal favorite of min; Makoto Niijima remains as a character mostly wrapped in mystery. She is the president of the student council, and a relative of hers (named Sae Niijima) will appear in the prologue of the game indicating that she may have quite the presence in the story of Persona 5. The first big case the team will have to partake in will be set at Shujin High School (their school), and this is where Makoto will first set her eyes on the protagonist. While it may not be instant, Makoto eventually joins the Phantom Thieves as their “Queen”.

Her Persona, Johanna, is a vehicle-type that will perhaps stay in it’s motorcycle form until that of evolution later in the game; so sayeth the vague description in the magazine. The Persona Johanna is based on that of Pope Joan; a strong-willed woman who broke the Catholic tradition by becoming Pope for a short period of time in disguise as a man. She perished shortly after she gave birth during a procession, wherein which it was revealed that the current reigning Pope was indeed a woman. It is unknown whether she was killed by the church or died of natural causes, but the fact remains that she was courageous enough to take the title for her own, knowing full well the consequences of her actions.

Haru Okumura:

Haru was shown the very least in the new trailer, but here introduction to the Persona 5 audience was an explosive one, as we catch her taking out an enemy in the most elegant, and deadly, of ways. Haru will be a tough nut to crack, seeing as she’s sees absolutely no value in that of friendships, or relationships of any kind. It’s Persona though, so through Social Links you’ll be able to break down her emotional walls and get a glimpse at the REAL Haru Okumura. She is the daughter of a company president, the company be so far undisclosed, and will first come into contact with the protagonist at a point in the story wherein which it will hit almost critical mass. She’s a huge player in this game, and her presence as a member of your team will really shake things up. She will join the crew as their “Noir”.

Her Persona, Milady, is based off of Milady de Winter from the age-old tale The Three Musketeers. Based heavily off of it’s namesake; Milady represents beauty, grace, poise, elegance, and the skill to take what it is she wishes. Haru will be one of the team’s heavy-hitters with her main two weapons being that of a Halberd and a Grenade Launcher; definitely someone you’ll want on the front lines when a situation starts to go pear-shaped.

Apart from that, most of Persona 5 is still a great mystery. It is set to hit Japan for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on the 15th of September this year, so despite the fact that the West wont be getting this for quite some time, at least we can get as much information as possible from those willing to translate. Regardless, we will be given more information on the game as a whole and it’s characters in the coming months, so stay tuned!


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