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What We Are Watching: Fall 2016 Anime Season

SnapDiscussion - Four

Snap Discussion is the weekly round table discussion on a topic relating to Japanese pop culture as selected by the almighty Snapodile. Each week the SnapThirty team will weigh in with their thoughts on that week’s topic all with the hopes of providing some interesting and perhaps even conflicting view points on the matter at hand. This week’s topic is What We Are Watching: Fall 2016 Anime Season.

For this topic we each took a long hard look at the upcoming anime season and discuss our thoughts on what we are interested in watching and provide some of our ‘expert’ recommendations. Without further adieu, strap yourself in and get ready for our collected thoughts on the Fall 2016 anime season.


Luke Halliday:

Tell me I’m not the only one. Tell me that it isn’t just me. Tell me that it is getting mighty hard to keep up with all the fast paced goings ons in the anime world on a seasonal basis. I mean I still have shows from last season and the season before it to finish and I’m already looking to start cracking into some new ones. Maybe I’m just getting old? Whatever the reason I have decided it is in my best interest to only take on a handful of new series this season so I am being quite harsh on shows this time around and some aren’t even getting the three episode trial. But what exactly has caught my eye this season?

Well at the risk of sounding like a parrot of my fellow writers (I’ll just put my comments first so that they look like they copied me, it’s all good), I am also quite interested in the new Tiger Mask W wrestling anime series. I am a huge wrestling fan so this was a natural pick for me and after checking out its first episode it looks to be a decidedly old school series in approach and style, which only intrigues me further.

I’m also quite interested in Izetta: The Last Witch; an alternate reality take on World War 2 where a witch flies about on an anti-tank rifle, seems pretty radical to me. I am a fan of alternate reality settings and seeing different takes on historical events and the idea of a witch flying around on a rifle instead of a broomstick is a stroke of genius I must say. In terms of excitement this is probably the one that I am currently the most keen on at the time of writing.

I’m also planning on checking out two of the new sports anime this season, Yuri!!! on Ice and Keijo!!!!!!, both of which don’t know the meaning of overkill when it comes to exclamation marks. While Yuri!!! on Ice looks to be beautifully animated I do struggle to imagine how it can string together tension or plot out of the sport of Ice Skating but I am interested to see what them try. On the other end of the spectrum Keijo!!!!! focuses on a made up sport where some lovely ladies must use their booty and bust to slam their opponents into water. It is ridiculous stuff but I am all for a bit of craziness every once and a while.

An honourable mention goes to Drifters, a series by the creator of Hellsing, which looks pretty cool I must say. Another one worth mentioning is To Be Hero which looks pretty funny and from what I hear it is an absolute riot. I will definitely be checking them out. Also I will be continuing my journey with Tekkadan as Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans returns for season 2. That said I am running low on time for seasonal watching of anime so I better hedge my bets carefully here. Excuse me while I drop 10 series and regret it when I see everyone loving them on twitter.


Frank Inglese:

I’ve gotten to the point in my young life where, to me, less is more, but it’s ironic because the only reason I demand less is because, well…I already have so much. When it comes to the Anime season, I tend not to enjoy a multitude of on-going series’, instead focusing on a few key titles that I’ll look forward to the most every single week. If I was to choose one Anime to follow devoutly across the next season it would be Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters…but unfortunately the only way to keep up with said series is to break the law, and I think I’ve done that enough, so it might be better for me to ease up on it.

A series that has been picked up by Crunchyroll for a Simulcast this season is Capcom’s very own Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On which is based off of the upcoming Monster Hunter spin-off title by the same name. Well…similar name. Unlike the main series of Monster Hunter video game titles, Monster Hunter Stories, and it’s Anime counterpart Ride On, follow a group of young men and women who have become something akin to Monster Tamers. After reaching a certain age, village youngsters are given what is called a Kinship Stone alongside a Monster Egg which, when hatched and imprinted on, will become their “Monstie” partners. Basically it’s a mix between Monster Hunter and any popular monster-raising franchise. You get the drift.

The second of two series’ that I will definitely be following is the sequel season of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. The story of this season is, as you can imagine, directly connected to the events of the first which I absolutely loved, so it only makes sense that I would buckle up and prepare myself for season two. Based on the first episode, now available through Daisuki’s streaming service, this is going to be quite the follow-up to the first season. I’m very, very excited!

The fortunate fact about the current season’s landscape is that legal Western streamers haven’t picked up many of the series’ I actually want to follow. Fortunate for one reason only and it’s so that I’m not “forced” into picking up too many things at once. Once again, I would love to experience Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters because of how much I adore the long-running franchise, but unfortunately we can’t always get what we want. Though, damn, do I wish we could.


Jahanzeb Khan:

If you know me by now, I tend to struggle with keeping up with anime but ironically I do spend a great deal of time watching retro oldschool anime. For instance, I’ve been reading Captain Ken by Osamu Tezuka and been watching the original Robotech/Macross any chance I get. I have never, however, struggled to keep up with professional wrestling. Professional wrestling is a big part of my life, and a big part of Snap Thirty in general. Just listen to any podcast and see how many times wrestling has hijacked a discussion! Any chance we get, we’ve also written about Wrestle Kingdom. Luke and myself have been religious followers of this in-ring drama, and Frank has been following too. We have yet to fully convert Kane… in time however.

Anime based on wrestling is few and far between, and none have tried to imitate the art form we see on TV on a daily basis. Most wrestling anime have strong fantasy elements, and lest we forget that awful anime about the pop idol turn pro wrestler. Which is why in this season I am very keen to check out Tiger Mask W. This anime looks to be based on the wrestling industry as it appears in the real world, from the in-ring action to backstage politics, and hell it even depicts a global wrestling monopoly that is obviously based on WWE. I am naturally worried about the production values, and chances are the pacing is going to be dry, but I really hope it delivers. After all, it seems New Japan Pro Wrestling is sponsoring it.


Kane Bugeja:

I gotta say, as much as I enjoy my anime time, the series of late that inspire my interest are few and far between. And that’s not from lack of trying mind you, I tried. I watched trailers, I read synopses and the conclusion that I have reached is; anime is a crapshoot…either that or I’ve become fussy of late. But I digress. We’re here to talk about Fall 2016, our latest season of anime and all it has to offer…some.

Let’s start off with definites shall we? Haikyuu, that’s my main. The only absolute within the plethora of series that are soon to grace our streaming services. As the third series in this volleyball tale, I am greatly looking forward to witnessing what lies in store for Karasuno, especially considering how the last season left off. Man was that a cool match. And yes, believe it or not, I enjoy this series for its sport sequences, rather than its ability to launch a ship for every single character who appears on screen. Which, if that’s your thing, is totally cool, but I’m in it for the spiking, setting and bird metaphors.

Other than that, there’s not really much I can add to this Snap Discussion. Time permitting, I might check out Tiger Mask W because of the fact the guy wears a tiger mask and suplexes people, but that’s about it. Drifters could be interesting if it gets picked up and Monster Hunter Stories might be worth some fun times, but I really don’t know. I wish I did, but I really don’t. Plus side, this’ll give me some time to catch up on last season’s anime. Which is neat.

Oh, I’m also gonna keep watching JoJo. It’s not really new, but I’ll be watching it so it counts…makes me feel like less of a cop out. Anime away!

What are you watching this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. .


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