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We’re Going Digital – New Digimon Figurines Revealed For Franchise 15th Anniversary

Digimon-Adventure-New-Series-Announcement-Trailer-Screenshot-01The more things change, the more they stay the same. Fifteen years later, Digimon: Digital Monsters is still going as strong as ever and while it’s presence here in the West isn’t as solid as it was back in the late 90’s, over in Japan it remains as one of the top monster taming franchises of all time. It’s no lie that other series’ similar to it like Pokemon and Yokai Watch are indeed taking over in terms of popularity, but Digimon still has one hell of a large fan base, and I feel as though it always will! At least…I hope it does.

Most fans of Japanese pop culture will know that we’re currently celebrating the series’ 15th Anniversary, which seems as though it has been going on for longer than you’d usually celebrate something of this type. Because of this momentous occasion, many manufacturers out there have decided that now is the perfect time to release some brand-new merchandise lines. Smart! Ever since the anniversary celebrations began we’ve seen things like new figurines, replica jackets, Digivice re-releases, and so much more. Today it was revealed that there will be some new figurines released very soon and they happen to be of the main Digital Monster crew.

These new figurines will bring you right back to the old days of combing through a Toys R Us looking for your favorite Digimon characters and their evolutionary lines which, if you remember correctly, would most often be packaged all together. Purchasable early September for 600 yen a piece, fans of the series can grab themselves four Digivolution lines featuring their favorite characters: Agumon, Patamon, Gomamon, and Palmon will all be accompanied by their In-Training forms which can be displayed in any way you see fit. Isn’t that nice?

Like most things Digimon, these new figurines have only been announced for Japan. Chances are a local, independent retailer will import the items but rest assured you’ll pay through the roof for something that will cost you less than ten dollars over in the great country. Check out the official product page by Clicking Here.

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