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We All Need A Little Support – Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden AU/NZ Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed


Come on! Surely you know by now that there’s a new Dragon Ball Z video game for the Nintendo 3DS that’s only a few months away! It’s called Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden and it’s going to bring the incredibly face-paced action of Dragon Ball Z to the most popular handheld system of the new age.

Bandai Namco Entertainment are bringing this game down to Australia and New Zealand, and with it they’re also bringing some pretty exciting preorder bonuses that will surely be must haves for fans of the long-running series and it’s video games.

Head into local video game retailers now to pre-order the game because doing so will get you some pretty nice in-game bonuses: Not only will you be given a download code for a previous Dragon Ball Z fighting title Super Butoden 2, which is making it’s way to the West for the very first time thanks to the new game, but you’ll also be getting six support characters that can each be added to your Dragon Ball Z dream team.

Kid Goku, Baby Goku, Kid Gohan, Super Vegito, Garlic Jr, and Meta-Cooler are the six characters you’ll gain early access to so long as you pre-order the new title. Need a bit of a helping hand to defeat that particular opponent? Bring a Saiyan baby along to cry your enemy into oblivion. You could also bring a shiny, metal alien too, if you so choose, but I’d stick with the baby, it seems like the more humorous option.

It really doesn’t matter which of these characters you’ll use in the game, so long as you have access to them when the time comes to throw down against some powerful opponents. That’s why you need to pre-order the game now. Right now!

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden hits the Nintendo 3DS across Australia and New Zealand on the 16th of October.


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