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Watch Levi, Erwin, and Hange Carve Up Flesh In New Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom Trailers


Koei Tecmo have done fans of Hajime Isayama’s Attack On Titan a great service by developing a game that accurately emulates the difficulty of combating titanic humanoid creatures with nothing but a pair of blades and sturdy grappling hooks. Not only this, Koei Tecmo have never left us for too long without bringing is something new to sink our teeth into, and now that we have to wait until the Summer of 2017 to catch the second season of the Anime, we definitely need something to scratch our Attack On Titan itch in the period between now and then.

Overnight, Koei Tecmo have updated the official English website of their upcoming game Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom to now feature four brand-new trailers, each of which focus on another aspect of the game. The first of the four showcases some more of the in-depth battle mechanics that’ll help you in a pinch or when you need to partner up to take down enemies larger than usual. The other three each focus on specific character, highlighting their different move sets in battle, and proving to us, once again, that these soldiers are NOT to be messed with.

Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom is set for a release across Europe on the 26th of August, with a follow-up release in North America on the 30th. The game will be available on the Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4.

Decisive Battle Signal Trailer:

Levi Trailer:

Hange Trailer

Erwin Trailer:


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