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Was It All Worth It? – 91 Days Episode Eleven and Twelve – Season’s Writings


This week-to-week rollercoaster ride has finally come to an end. Just on time, as well. Some series’ tend to stretch on for longer than they should, ruining the experience as a result, 91 Days ended when it should have, though perhaps five minutes longer than necessary, but in the grand scheme of things…that’s a blessing. It’s been quite a while since the ending to an Anime has sent me into a whirlwind of confusion and doubt, but the culprit seems to only ever be an ending as vague as 91 Days.

For the most part, the final two episodes of this heart-pounding series played out exactly as you would have imagined: After Corteo’s death at the hands of Angelo, our “hero” begins his descent into madness and chaos as he throws away all humanity in a last-ditch effort to complete what had become his life-long mission. This all goes…wonderfully, actually. Making it out of what can only be called a “slaughter” with nothing more than a stab wound to the right shoulder and a voice in his head that tells him to “carry on”, Angelo is captured by the NEW Don Galassia…only to be captured by Nero himself soon after. Nothing lasts too long, I suppose.


Within the bulk of the series’ finale we bare witness to the deaths of every single name on Angelo’s list…bar one. Nero. Let’s be honest though, you saw this one coming, right? Yeah, I think we all did. Perhaps the greatest thing about the finale of 91 Days is Angelo and Nero’s closure as they finally are able to express their true feelings not only towards each other but of the entire situation stretching all the way back to that night seven years ago.

Angelo, for perhaps the first time in this series, sheds a tear as he seemingly wishes he had been killed on that night which, as a result, forced him to walk the path of a butcher with no ambition but one that centres itself around the ending of another’s life. In the end, though, his list remains incomplete.


91 Days ended in, arguably, the best way it possibly could have because, despite my bewildered state, it has demanded that I ponder it longer than I would any other Anime. It’s vague ending both annoys and delights me, and his split the fandom in two as half proclaim that it is a series-ruining ending while the other praise it for being nothing less than perfect. I…am somewhere in between, unable to make a decision one way or another as thoughts of what could have happened rumble through my head like a perpetual freight train.

Fact is; it has my attention. A lot of my attention. Most of my attention. Perhaps…all of my attention. It doesn’t help that I have tasked myself with writing this series of article week by week, it means that I’ve spend the last twenty-four hours piecing together this here article in my head, and still…I feel underprepared.


Perhaps it was simply it’s vague ending, or perhaps it was the light-hearted travel montage that preceded it, but either way 91 Days initially left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Relaxing my thoughts, with the help of a friend, I attempted to look at this series with as level a head as possible and yet, still, I am undecided in my view of this series’ ending. This, perhaps, is a good thing, but some, well some will consider it the worst thing.

Regardless, I am not some, I am me, and being myself has allowed me one shred of solace because there was another series that had me feeling this way for quite some time before I realised it’s true genius, and it’s a series called Cowboy Bebop. Now, the comparison between the two series is based on nothing by my personal emotional experience, and whether or not that explains to any of you what message I’m trying to convey is, frankly, inconsequential.


What am I trying to say? Hell, I don’t even know. I’m still very confused, not just in regards to the series but in the way that I have reacted to it, and I think that’s something great. Truly. 91 Days, each and every week, gave me something I didn’t know I wanted. For the first time in a while I felt connected to these fictional characters. As we grow older, life tends to force us into a state of constant separation, and despite my love for all things Japanese Pop Culture my enjoyment of what it had produced was still affected. Sure, the plight of a main character does not hit me the way it once did, but it also allows me to understand that it takes something special to hit me as hard as 91 Days has.

I grew attached to these characters, and yeah, I knew a lot of them were going to die but I didn’t care, and when it happened I was shocked, I was upset, I was…feeling something. Divisive or otherwise, 91 Days is a series that can make you think and feel things you didn’t know you could, and it’s ending, good or bad, proved this. If there’s any other proof of it’s greatness…I havn’t found it. My mind is turbulent, to be sure, but, hell, it’s just made the experience all the more exciting. What else is there to say?

91 Days is now available to watch through Crunchyroll: Click Here.


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  1. I think the reason I disconnected from this sereis was I didn’t really care for the characters and so their fates were merely points of interest rather than anything overly emotional.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this series.

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