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Warriors on the Move – Hyrule Warriors Announced for the 3DS…Briefly


New characters of the port bow!

In the ever expanding world of video game development, it has become more and more prevalent for information to leak when new projects are afoot…or when new releases of old projects are afoot…when anything is afoot really. People like to gossip.

Anyway, Koei Tecmo was recently the victim of such a premature information release…and the source of it. With E3 creeping ever closer, it can be assumed that this particular knowledge was meant to launch in a few weeks. Rather quickly after the trailer showcasing this new project was announced it was, of course, taken down, so E3 may in fact see the release of this video anyway. Albeit with a little less surprise.

From what could be gathered from the trailer, the game will play just as the Wii U version, except with a little boost to the roster. It would seem that this time around the King of Red Lions and Tetra from Windwaker will be joining this hack-and-slash experience, along with some form of transfer option that will allow them to be accessed on the previous Wii U version.

So, like most information leaks, this is a brief but interesting little insight into an upcoming project. Guess we’ll have to wait until E3 to get the full scoop on this new-ish Legend of Zelda instalment.


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