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Walkin’ the Bushiroad Together – Madman Anime Festival 2016 Partner Announced


Get your game on!

You’re an anime fan right? You like things that are related to said medium correct? Well then you’ve certainly heard about the upcoming Madman Anime Festival. however, what you may not know is that that particular festival is now partnered up with those loveable guys who bring card games to your very conventional doorstep…I mean, like, the doorstep of a convention, not your rather typical front door setup…moving on.

As one might expect from a company focused on card games, Bushiroad will be bringing a card game tournament to the floor of the festival. More specifically, they will be bringing the Bushiroad World Championship 2016 Australia Regional Qualifier tournament to the floor. Whew, that one’s a mouthful isn’t it? Well do you know what else it is? A chance to show the country just how top tier your skills are in Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight and/or the two language versions of Weiss Schwarz (Japanese and English). Personally, I’d enter the Buddyfight portion, except my skills are terrible and there’s only so far a Dragon Knight, Alexander can take you, buddy or not.

My personal opinions aside, winners of the four tournaments will net themselves flights, accommodation and an invitation to compete in the regional qualifying tournaments in South East Asia. Winners there will then move on to the championship finals in Japan. So train up people, your decks could carry you around the world. Which is pretty cool. Speaking of cool, Cosplay OzAnimart’s director Sugiyono Bari (Cosplay OzAnimart being the official distributor of Bushiroad products in Australia) is rather happy about this particualr partnership with Madman.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with the Madman Anime Festival and hosting the Australian qualifying rounds of the Bushiroad World Championship. The partnership between the two companies, Madman and Bushiroad will allow us to deliver the tournaments to the large and growing trading card game fan base. The competitors will be able to perform in front of a huge audience thanks to the Madam Anime Festival. It will be a great precursor to the main championship event that is held in Japan towards the end of the year.”

See, told you he was happy. Just like you will be, if you’re a fan of card games that is. Bushiroad card games that is. Bushiroad card games that have their own tournaments and Facebook pages detailing said tournaments that is…I’m going to stop now before this sentence gets even longer. Enjoy playing cards party people!


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