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Volume Seventy-Four Marks The End For Tite Kubo’s “Bleach” Manga

If it’s me you’re asking; Bleach ended many years ago. Ichigo Kurosaki had defeated Aizen, his Shinigami powers had been stripped, he no longer could communicate with the deceased, and he was placed neatly back into his regular life as an angst-filled teen. That was…until the story continued indefinitely. As we all know; Shueisha’s Shonen Jump produces some of the world’s greatest Manga, but with such greatness comes heavy editing, and constant monitoring of individual series’ by the publication’s team of critical editors.

Bleach-Volume-74-ending-picture-01Goku’s continued life was not the fault of Akira Toriyama’s bad writing but at the behest of the series’ editor that explained the series would not be as popular if it’s protagonist were to change. Looking at Bleach’s elongated tale; I feel as though Tite Kubo is going through something quite similar with Bleach. Regardless, the series still has fans across the world. If it did not, then Shonen Jump would not bother with it’s continuation, so there’s something to be said about what this Manga provides to audiences even this long into it’s run, far past it’s prime.

A photograph of what looks to be the most recent Bleach volume release in Japan has surfaced over the past day that features an interesting final page explaining that the seventy-forth volume of the series will be it’s final. Chapter 680 is the latest to be released through Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, and will feature as the half way mark as a part of the final volume. This means that the weekly-released run of the series only has a few more chapters until it finally comes to an end, and despite the fact that many (including myself) believe that it should have ended quite some time ago, it doesn’t make it any less awe-inspiring for a Manga to reach such a level.

Bleach has had it’s ups and it’s downs, this much is a given, and despite the fact that myself and the crew of SnapThirty has fallen out of love with what the series has become, we would all like to congratulate Tite Kubo on his highly-successful Shonen Jump series, the likes of which has inspired countless young writers and artists to do the things they never once thought they could. Thank you Tite Kubo, and thank you Bleach, for filling our young lives with a level of joy that only a Shonen series like this could. Times change, and so do we, but the memories of days past remain much the same. Good luck with what comes next, Kubo-sensei.


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