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Viz Media Reveals Partial English Dub Cast For Hunter X Hunter Anime


The year 1999 was a wonderful one at that; Bill Gates was officially announced as the world’s wealthiest individual, hit HBO series The Soprano’s made it’s television debut, the Sega Dreamcast was released across America alongside Sonic Adventure, and Nippon Animation tried their hand at making a Hunter X Hunter Anime series. Many, many years later, in 2011, Studio Madhouse did something that Nippon Animation simply could not; produce a Hunter X Hunter Anime that will blow audiences away like none have done before it. Standing as one of the greatest Shonen Jump Anime adaptations, the more recent Hunter X Hunter Anime series follows the story of Gon Freecss; a Hunters searching for his estranged father. Sticking as close to it’s source material as possible, the Anime rocked audiences week to week from October of 2011 to September of 2014.

Ever since the series began streaming through Western Anime distribution service Crunchyroll, English-speaking fans have been waiting for a dub of the series that will, hopefully, do it justice. Not too long ago it was announced that Viz Media have acquired the English dub rights to the series, and today they have revealed just a few of the key players in what is looking to be one hell of a good English dub. The cast, so far, is as follows:

Erica Mendez as Gon Freecss


Cristina Vee as Killua Zoldyck


Matthew Mercer as Leorio


Erika Harlacher as Kurapika


Keith Silverstein as Hisoka


Unfortunately, as of right now, Viz Media have said nothing regarding an official release date for the English dub of Hunter X Hunter. Chances are, it’s going to be saved for a Home Video release, but until it is confirmed everything said regarding it is simple speculation. Hopefully Viz Media will make a statement soon enough. Until then, just try to enjoy the fact that an English dub is on the way!



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