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VIZ Media Is Bringing The “Yo-Kai Watch” Manga To The West This September

Yo-Kai-Watch-Manga-Image-01There’s a new franchise that’s slowly but surely been taking over Japan and it too, like “Pokemon” and “Digimon”, has everything to do with capturing monsters, raising them and defending the world from some impending doom. This new series of video games, action figures and collectible trading cards also happens to have an Anime adaptation that is being  well-received around the world, despite the fact that it has only been released legally across Japan. Level-5’s “Yo-Kai Watch” truly is the “next big thing” and it seems as though both the young and old, according to its Japanese fanbase, can enjoy what this young franchise has to offer.

Avid readers of this site and fans of the series will already know that, after a long time of waiting, “Yo-Kai Watch” will be making its way to the West sometime this year. Yes, that means the video games, Anime, toys and everything else will be hitting local shelves sooner than you could say “Gashadokuro”. Something you may not know is that the series has also spawned a Manga adaptation, written and illustrated by Noriyuki Konishi. This Manga, while seemingly lost in the mix of all the other exciting “Yo-Kai Watch” media, will also be making its way out of Japan come this September.

VIZ Media have just announced that they have indeed obtained the rights to translate and distribute the Manga series outside of Japan and, in an act of pure awesomeness, have set their sights on a September release which SHOULD coincide with that of both the Anime series and the toy range. Level-5 have yet to say anything specific about the release of the video games but what we know is that they’re definitely coming. It’s just a matter of time. Who knows? Nintendo may announce something about it at their next presentation. One can only hope!


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