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Very First Trailer Released For Akiba’s Trip: The Animation


While many around the world are gearing up for the release of the PlayStation Vita’s Akiba’s Beat, there are still many of us that have yet to overcome the majesty of Akiba’s Trip; a beat ’em up video game heavily reliant on one’s ability to strip enemies down to their skin. The latest in the incredibly short series of games, Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed, gained quite the cult following around the world which spurred a series of re-releases that have yet to end with the recent reveal that yet another is planned for a worldwide release to coincide with it’s upcoming Anime series.

Simply titled “Akiba’s Trip: The Animation“, this new series will tell a story similar to that of both Akiba’s Trip and it’s sequel. Though many of the characters are reminiscent of those we’ve seen in the past, this is a new story that basically follows the same outline. Acquire, the game’s developer, have recently released the very first trailer for the upcoming Anime series that doesn’t show as much as we had hoped but enough for a certain level of hype to begin swelling.

For those of you who are unaware of what this series is all about, Acquire also released their very own synopsis:

Akihabara—the town that accepts everyone from beginners to the intermediate with open arms. There’s always someone who understands you, even if you’re alone. It’s a place where you can do something, a place where you’re free to do something or anything, a town where both the body and heart can undress.


The town of “Akiba” is packed with everything, from anime to games, maids to idols, from junk parts to B-class gourmet. The fight against the destroyers known as “Bagurimono,” along with a “boy meets girl” story is about to start!


The Studio Gonzo-developed Anime series is set to air in the January of 2017 in Japan, and there’s a slim chance that the West may never see it at all so we’ll have to appreciate what it is we have and right now what we have is this new trailer of which I’ve provided for you below.


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