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V3 Promoted and 3 Announced, Danganronpa is a Busy Franchise


Third time’s the harm

Danganronpa, that oddball little series that relishes in the term dark comedy and throws subtlety out of the highest window it can find. Ah, but what fun that makes. Well, luckily for those Trigger Happy Havocers out there, the third numbered title (fifth actual, or fourth if you discount the Japan only iOS game) New Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing, has received a brief promotional trailer. Though the visuals don’t show a tremendous amount, they’re enough to know that the game will continue with the style of the main series games. The accompanying information however says that gameplay will be an “evolution” of the previous system, leaving plenty of room for everyone to speculate just how Monokuma will screw us over this time. That bear jerk. The video itself also posses the question as to whether or not you can use lies, as they change the world, leading at least myself to believe that there may be more than one way to reach the desired judgement during a trial, but that’s merely supposition on my part.

Perhaps the most interesting factor of this game is that it is apparently in no way connected to the previous Hope’s Peak Academy crew, who saw solid screentime in the first two games and the spin-off Ultra Despair Girls. As such, we are as of yet unaware when this game takes place in the timeline of Danganronpa and whether or not this will be the beginning of a new arc in the franchise. Only time will tell.

On the topic of old favourites, Danganronpa has kept the news train chugging with a brief teaser for a second anime series, confusingly titled Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy. Right off the bat, the series is named such because it is a sequel to the game Danganronpa 2, so it makes sense numerically. However, given the cross media forms in which these titular numbers dwell, it may not have been the simplest naming choice. Nevertheless, that’s what it’s called and it’s coming out regardless.

So, whilst the curtain rises on a new act in Danganronpa, keep an eye out for the encore of the last. Will the latter reach a satisfactory conclusion? Will the former provide us a new cast to mourn the loss of as they are whittled down around us? Will anyone punch Monokuma in his dumb face? Only time will tell, time which you can speed up (figuratively) by watching the aforementioned promos as many times as you see fit.


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