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V-Jump magazine Reveals New 3DS Title Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X

dragon-ball-heroes-ultimate-mission-x-reveal-poster-01Dragon Ball Heroes is, arguably, one of the most popular arcade video games to be currently in circulation across the great country of Japan. It is, certainly, highly revered by fans of Akira Toriyama’s long-running Shonen series, and by those who follow it’s video game lineage.

In an attempt to capitalise on it’s success even further, and to extend outside of arcades, Dimps (the developers) and Bandai Namco Entertainment conceived and released two titles for the Nintendo 3DS that took the Collectable Card-based system of the arcade game and reworked it to be all-inclusive.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 1 and 2 were just as well received as their arcade counterpart, perhaps due to the fact that you no longer had to collect physical cards to play, thus eliminating the need to spend further money. Some purists will say that the game then loses it’s heart, but others are just happy to have everything in one place.

The latest issue of Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine is set to be released across the weekend, but some sneaky leaks of the upcoming release have revealed to the world another video game in the ever-growing series of Dragon Ball Heroes portable console releases; Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X.

This game, like the previous two, will be released on the Nintendo 3DS across Japan and will feature update graphics, a more sizeable mission list, even more characters, and a set of over three thousand collectable cards. Apart from that, nothing more has been revealed regarding the game’s specifics, but we do know that it will be coming out in Japan on the 27th of April this year. As for a Western release…it’s highly doubtful, but stay hopeful and you might find that miracle do truly happen!


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