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Uzumaki Heads To Hollywood – Lionsgate To Make A Live-Action Naruto Film


Let’s be honest, reader…who the hell DIDN’T see this one coming? Of course there’s a live-action Naruto film in the works and of course it’s being made by a non-Japanese crew, thus is the fate of any popular Shonen series.

Lionsgate Films, the well known studio, has recently announced that they’re currently in the process of making a live-action Naruto film. As of right now, production is very early on in the process, so early on that really only a director and producer have been attached to the project, alongside a few unimportant others. Yes, Masashi Kishimoto’s highly popular Shinobi-centric Manga series will, in due time, be hitting the streets of Hollywood with it’s very own live-action film set to be directed by Michael Gracey; a man I’m certain you don’t know or, at least, don’t know enough to be excited about. Gracey is being backed by producer Avi Arad who’s name you’ve surely heard thanks to his Marvel film-filled resume but, looking at the specific movies he produced…I can’t say it makes me any more excited that he’s onboard. Spider-Man One, Two, and Three?! Come on, man.

Usually an announcement like this would divide the internet, but it seems as though this piece of news has, much like the final antagonist of the series, brought the entire world together in an oxymoronic mix of aggressive harmony. People simply so not want this movie to be made. Even those out there who do not like Naruto pray that this possible tragedy doesn’t see the light of day.


Every single time I write about Naruto news, I find myself preaching the series’ inability to simply go away now that it is supposedly “finished“. Fact is; this live-action adaptation could possibly serve as the beloved series’ hour and a half long funeral, and no matter how long it has been since I actually enjoyed the Ninja escapades of Naruto…nothing deserves a sendoff like a terrible Hollywood adaptation. Nothing.

Think back to 2009; the year Hollywood killed Dragon Ball. What makes you think they wont do it again? Sure, Edge Of Tomorrow was a half-decent film, but adapting a science-fiction thriller is a little different than adapting a Shonen series about a young Ninja and his sever lack of friends, family, talent, and overall likability.

Still, the masochist in me very much wants to see what this film has to offer. Good or bad, I feel as though I’d have a good time watching it. Either it blows me away with just how well it translates into live-action cinema, or it makes me openly cackle with the just how bad it may be. I don’t particularly like being overly negative, especially when it comes to things like this, but I simply can’t help myself, especially when the entire world around me feels the same way as I. It’s practically impossible!

A Hollywood adaptation of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto? Lionsgate says “yes“, but the rest of the world says “no“. Now we wait and see whether or not the film actually gets made. My thoughts; probably not.


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