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UVERworld drop new single ahead of 8th album release

What's coolet than a bunch of dudes on a roof? UVERworld on a freakin' roof!

What’s cooler than a bunch of dudes on a roof? UVERworld on a freakin’ roof!

UVERworld are a J-rock band that are likely familiar with anime fans with the group having performed a number of anime themes in their time, including the classic anime theme ‘D-tecnolife’ from the Bleach series.

With their upcoming 8th album slated for release on July 2nd, they have released the first single off their new album ‘Nanokame no Ketsui’, a powerful track from the J-rockers. It features a sweeping vocal performance by lead singer Takuya alongside soaring guitars and drums like rolling thunder. Needless to say, this is quite an impressive track by the band.

The single has already received the music video treatment and is available for you viewing pleasure below:


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