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Upcoming ‘Hajime No Ippo’ Game Gets Its First Batch Of Screenshots


Gloves up, fighters! As the referee for this bout I want as clean a fight as possible. No tricks, no cheap shots and no combat delay due to introspective thoughts of your past, you hear me?! I suppose that’s a hard rule to place an a ‘Hajime No Ippo-style’ boxing match, not one goes by without some sort of reflection on ones self.

About a week ago, Bandai Namco Games announced that they will be releasing a brand-new ‘Hajime No Ippo’ video game for the PlayStation 3, a fighting title based closely off of the Anime and Manga series by the same name. Before today we had seen nothing of this game, bar a short teaser trailer that showcased the motion comic style of storytelling that is to feature.

Bandai Namco Games today, however, have released a huge batch of images from the upcoming game which include both screenshots and art assets like character models and their hand-drawn designs. The new ‘Hajime No Ippo’ game is set for a release in Japan on the 11th of December this year with no word on Western release dates as of yet. For now, simply enjoy the images below and keep hoping for some for of localisation.

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