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Ultra Evolution – Pokemon Sun and Moon Sequels, Pokken Tournament DX Announced

A New Sun/Moon Rising

Well that sure came out of nowhere, didn’t it? And I’m not just talking about the announcement itself, but the organisation of said announcement. Okay, to be fair, the majority of the latest Pokemon trailer was devoted to the newly announced Pokken Tournament DX. As the new and improved Switch iteration of the oddly entertaining Pokemon/Tekken hybrid fighting game, DX promises an increased roster and a few new modes. The headliner of the aforementioned new roster is Decidueye, Rowlet’s fully evolved form and all around cool archer bird. Fellow starters Litten and Popplio also join the cast, but on the support side of things. Which is nice, though fighting as Incineroar would have been cool…because of him being a wrestler cat and all.

Tagging along on the end of this trailer (which centres on a brother venturing across a country, playing Pokken at every given opportunity), Pokemon Sun and Moon are seemingly aligning themselves with the Black and White mentality: One sequel apiece. Newly crowned Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the games seem to promise at least a variation of the story found in their predecessors and perhaps an all new kind of Z-Move. The most obvious difference of these new titles are the new looks sported by their respective Legendary mascots. Coated in what appears to be pieces of Necrozma (the last available, non-event Gen VII Legendary) and locked in their Radiant Sun and Full Moon Formes, one can bet their role will be altered this time around. I sure hope that isn’t Nebby though…


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