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Two Idiots Play: Ushio And Tora (SNES)


Ushio And Tora is one of the most popular Anime series’ of this current season, and rightfully so! A Shonen Manga over twenty years old, the story follows a young boy named Ushio who discovers an ancient demon pinned to the wall of his home’s basement by a legendary spear known for being able to slay Yokai from every corner of the globe. Unleashing this demon, and giving him the name “Tora”, the two head off on an adventure to slay as many evil Yokai as they possibly can, while saving lives in the process, but only after first coming to terms with the fact that they both need each other to continue surviving in the harsh world of myths and legends.

In an attempt to discover video game titles for the boys to play, Frank came across an Ushio And Tora video game released only in Japan for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s taken quite some time but the series has finally earned itself an Anime adaptation and, alongside that, worldwide acclaim for being a hidden gem for the ages, so it makes sense to want to go back in time and play a game based on a Manga so great yet unfortunately not as popular as it should have been.

Old-school video game titles, as you may already know, are some of the hardest to play through, but when to idiots try their hands at THIS dated release…nothing seems harder. Watch as Frank and Kane fight bundles of snakes, stone samurai, floating heads, and a particularly menacing weasel with a gargantuan blade protruding from it’s back. Watch two idiots try to play Ushio And Tora for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


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