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Tsukimonogatari – First Anime Preview Released


The end of the year is quickly coming and thanks to this brand new piece of news I want it to come around even quicker! Japanese citizens are by far the luckiest in the world, this is according to a huge fan of their culture…me. Not only do they get all the coolest stuff before anyone else but, well…I suppose that’s enough to be jealous of, right?! Getting to the point; it was only just announced that an Anime adaptation of ‘Tsukimonogatari’ will soon be released and already we’ve been given a look at it through the very first preview trailer that was released but yesterday.

For those of you not in ‘the know’; ‘Tsukimonogatari’ is the next story to be told in the ‘Monogatari’ series. It is the tenth book in the light novel lineup and has also been noted as the first story of the final season…of books. Our assumption is that it is pretty much considered the same for the Anime adaptation. This story will, once again, revolve around series protagonist Koyomi Araragi and his battle against his returning ‘vampirism’ that has afflicted him ever since that ‘incident’ all those years ago. He thought those days were all done and dusted but they’ve since made a return and he wants to be rid of this ‘curse’ once and for all. ‘Tsukimonogatari’ will run for four episodes and, as mentioned above, will air on Japanese TV on New Year’s Eve.

I would gladly spend my evening watching TV rather than hanging out with my friends if that meant I could watch the newest ‘Monogatari’ Anime. Funny thing is…I’m not even joking. Not a bit. Here’s the thing, though; you don’t want to read me going on and on anymore! You want to watch the preview, so I’m going to stop typing and you’re going to scroll down just a little bit to where I’ve provided you the video. Go and enjoy yourself, you crazy kids!


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