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Truce and Justice – Fire Emblem Warriors Reveals More Characters

The friend of my enemy’s enemy

I’m not going to waste too much of your time dissecting the formula that is the Warriors franchise. Lots of enemies. Crazy powers. Power fantasy. That’s pretty much it. And whilst that sounds pretty fun to most people who have ever held a controller, it is the skins laid over this formula that draws in the numbers. This time around, it’s Fire Emblem.

Though we have known for some time that Falchion (and by extension its wielder) would grace this game with its legendary presence, details beyond have eluded us. “Have” being the operative word. Following the electronic extravaganza that is E3, we are now in the know when it comes to who shall fill out this game’s fine roster. Namely, Fire Emblem Fates shall be represented by Corrin, Xander and Ryoma. So, whether you played Awakening or Conquest, you’ve got one prince to put a smile on your dial and lovely lady Corrin to enjoy. Especially when she does that whole dragon thing she does.

Thus, with a new list of old allies, a tale as old as time and the promise of more enemies than one could shake a conceptual stick at, we find ourselves on the precipice of yet another Warriors game. Still, the notion of another Fire Emblem story is interesting and the English vocal tracks have caught my attention. I’m not one to turn down some Yuri Lowenthal and Matthew Mercer when a product provides.


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