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Triple Threat – The Disgaea Triple Play Collection Is Coming To Europe

The-Disgaea-Triple-Play-Collection-Packshot-Cropped-01Yo, scrub! Did I just hear you say you’ve never played Disgaea? Yeah, you know the video game series I’m talking about; it’s a tactical role-playing game published by NIS America, and you’re saying you’ve never played it? How is that even possible?! Oh wait…you’ve played the first few games? I apologise, I misheard you. I guess that’s okay, but do you maybe want to play some of the other titles in the series but can’t really afford to buy each of the games individually? Awesome, dood! I got some good news for you!

NIS America…Europe has today announced a new video game collection that brings together three of the newer Disgaea titles all on one PlayStation 3 release. Yep! The Disgaea Triple Play Collection has just been announced and it will be getting a European release on the 10th of July. This collection will feature Disgaea 3: Absence Of Justice, Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, and Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. It’s perfect for those of you out there who need to play a little catch-up on the series before Disgaea 5 gets it’s explosive release.

Mark the 10th of July on your calendars, doods! That’ll be the day this game gets a release and that’ll be the day everything else in your life gets pushed to the side, but only up until you’ve finished all three of the games. Tell your loved ones to wait for you while you’re in solitude slugging through these games and make sure you come out of it a better person than when you went it, doods! This is the collection to end all collections. I hope you can handle it!



  1. Is this….is this post initially written like the adverts FOR the Disgaea series, all in your face and whatnot? Cos that is just fantastic.

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