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Totally Ghoul – Wandering Through MadFest 2016’s Tokyo Ghoul Art Exhibition


The many (crazed) faces of Juzo

If you have payed any degree of attention to the Tokyo Ghoul franchise, you have long since knows what goes bump in the night. Ghouls, unsurprisingly. Horrific offshoots of humanity that subsist by eating poor, innocent civilians and possess strength and abilities beyond the kin of mortal men. However, that’s not why we’re here. To showcase the series, MadFest 2016 decided to hold a little boothbound exhibition, one centered upon the artwork of the aforementioned ghoulish series. Character sheets, frame sketches, completed frames, there was more than a little art lining the walls for those who wandered into its walls. Now, I could go on and on about how neat the art was and how crowded the booth got with people stopping to take photos, but none of that will help you see the pictures for yourself. What will help you see them however is scrolling down slightly. Go on, it’s pretty cool…and I guess slightly spoilerish if you haven’t watched both series, so be careful.


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