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Toshio Suzuki Reveals That Studio Ghibli Is Indeed Open Once Again


All Anime fans, great or small, should be aware of the closure of one of the industry’s most loved studios lead by two industry legends Hayao Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki. When revealed mid-way through last year that the famed Studio Ghibli was closing down and cleaning house, fans across the world bowed their heads in both reverence and sadness.

The studio that brought many people so much joy for so many years looked as though it was gone forever BUT, despite the closure being officially confirmed by the heads of the Studio, the Anime-loving community were assured time and time again that this “hiatus” will not mean the end of Ghibli forever. If anything, it simplifies a new beginning.

Well the destined time has finally arrived and the studio has no re-opened says Toshio Suzuki who appeared on a talk show over the weekend and had this to say:

“…We’re worrying about what we should make next… When you think about the current state of the world, it’s hard to know what to make. It makes me remember that movies aren’t something to make, but something to watch. Watching and responding to a film is fun. However, as I think this, the thought of ‘What are you going to do!?’ keeps chasing after me. Maybe a theme [for a film] is somewhere around me.”

He went on to then explain that while the studio IS open…they’re not currently producing any features. As Mr Suzuki stated in the quote just above; the new team is still trying to figure out just what it is that they should make next. At this point in time, even though the Ghibli is still very much in the hearts of the masses, this is a definition “make or break” situation for them so it’s understandable as to why they’re taking their time.

Nothing good is ever rushed and Studio Ghibli understands that. Who knows, what comes from Ghibli next may not even be a film. Miyazaki and Suzuki, in the past, both spoke of venturing out into other aspects of the wider industry so don’t be too surprised if what comes next from Ghibli is something majorly unexpected.


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