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Tokyo Game Show 2016 – Capcom Low-Key Announces Live-Action “Monster Hunter” Film Adaptation


I write articles like this all the time, with most of them beginning much the same way as this. I address how ridiculous the concept of a live-action film related to the specific subject is, I then discuss, simplistically, what a film of this calibre would be like, and then I make sure to reiterate that nobody saw this coming, and yet here I am legitimately baffled by the idea that Capcom have given a Hollywood film studio the rights to adapt this long-running series of monster-slaying video games in a live-action full-length film. Truly, we never saw this one coming.

In all honesty, there isn’t a great deal of meat to this news considering, well…it doesn’t actually seem like it was meant to be revealed, at least not in this manner. Tokyo Game Show 2016 is currently being held and, like with previous years, each company has their time in the spotlight and is given a chance to excite crowds with news on upcoming games, by revealing new projects, by confirming release dates, etc. During Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories panel, game producer Ryozo Tsujimoto happens to offhandedly mention that “there is a Hollywood movie adaptation of the main series in progress“.


Despite the panel revolving around Monster Hunter Stories alone, Mr. Tsujimoto made sure to preface his comment by saying that the film has literally nothing to do with the offshoot Monster Hunter Stories and will, instead, simply focus on the main series of Monster Hunter games. Apart from that…literally nothing else was said. This, once again, leads me to believe that Mr. Tsujimoto was not meant to breath even a single word about the upcoming film. That and also because he was on a panel that had nothing to do with it.

Monster Hunter: The Movie, huh? Sure! Why not, right?


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