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Time to Hit the Midnight Stage – Persona 4: Dancing All Night Announced for ANZ


Put your right foot Inaba

It’s time to dust of those dancing shoes gamers of the ANZ because Persona 4 is bringing a noticeably more musical iteration to the region. Ok, so maybe you don’t actually have to dust off your dancing shoes (props to you if you have a pair by the way), but the imagery is better than pressing buttons. But I digress.

If you haven’t heard of Persona 4: Dancing All Night by now, or the swirl of positive and negative attitudes that surround it, then the news that the Investigation Team will be taking to the dance floor may come as a shock to you. But, regardless of your initial reaction, said news is indeed fact and it’s coming to Australia and New Zealand. Based once again in the beloved world of Persona 4, this particular instalment robs our heroes of their trademark Persona abilities. On top of that, the Shadows are still rampant in the world of the television…and they aren’t happy. Though to be honest they never are. Anywho, in place of their more offensive abilities, our protagonists must step up and take down evil with their own unique brand of funky fresh moves.

For those more interested in information regarding the actual release, this is the paragraph for you. Along with its regional release, a special Disco Fever edition of the game has also been announced for 2015. In addition to the game, said edition will include:

  • The Persona 4: Dancing All Night soundtrack (2 Discs)
  • A PS Vita protective pouch (featuring Elvis Teddie)
  • A gold Teddie keychain (not real gold)
  • A collectible box (based on the Japaneese Crazy Value Pack)
  • A PS Vita skin (designed for the most recent model)

That being said, the exact content of the edition is not 100% finalised, so be wary of that. There is also no hypothesised price point as of yet, so the actual equation of subtraction from your bank account is as ofyet unfinished. Until these questions are answered, enjoy an image of what you may receive with the Disco Fever addition and, probably more excitingly, a trailer for the game. Investigation Team reassemble!


Nothing left for me to do but dance


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