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Three-Minute Promotional Video Released For “Gangsta” Anime Adaptation

Gangsta-Promo-Image-01While everyone’s busy thinking about how good the upcoming Spring Anime season is going to be, I’m occupied by thoughts of the coming Summer which will feature the debut of “Gangsta”; the crime-noir story based off of the Manga by famed rookie Mangaka Kohske. Two “Handymen”, Warrick and Nic, will do anything for a quick buck…anything. Living in the crime-ruled city of Ergastulum is hard for those who can’t wield a sword or fire a gun. Living in Ergastulum is hard for those who can’t bring themselves to take the life of another human being. Warrick and Nic are just two of the many citizens of this slum city that can…that must be why business is so good.

With a gangland war on the horizon and no signs of escape from this wretched wasteland, the two gear up for what’s to come. Until now we’ve only had the privilege to see this in all its Manga glory but taking the action of “Gangsta” another step forward is that of the upcoming Anime series. Posted on the official adaptation’s website today was that of a three-minute promotional video that shows you just what you ca expect from the series. That’s pretty standard for Anime PVs. What’s not standard is just how exciting this one is.

“Gangsta” is looking to be one hell of an amazing Anime series, but instead of simply taking my word for it, how about you do and watch the preview for yourself? It’s just below so don’t waste time. One minute you could be here, the next minute…you’re dead. That’s what it’s like in the world of “Gangsta”, something we’ll all be able to experience in only a few months time.


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