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Three Idiots Play: The Attack On Titan Tribute Game

What happens when you put three idiots into a situation they THINK they can do well in but, realistically speaking, they have absolutely no chance at survival? You get this video.

Luke, Frank and Kane decide it’s time to take on the destructive force of an army of Titans in the “Attack On Titan” tribute game which, while unofficial and full of bugs, is still one hell of an entertaining web game. Watch as these three buffoons live, die and repeat…well, maybe just die and repeat. There’s not a lot of “living” that goes on in this video.

What starts off as a simple competition to see who the greatest Titan killer is quickly turns into a fight for the sake of humanity as the boys ditch the silly contention once they realise the world is in a whole bunch of danger. Watch as we glitch through Titan faces and even sometimes the game itself while we do our best to survive the harsh wasteland that is “Attack On Titan”.

If you want to play the game for yourself, just head here: Click Here. After a short download you’ll be all good to go and can join in on the fun!


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