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Three Idiots Play: Pokemon Blue

Over fifty Video Games. Six generations. Seven consoles. Eighteen Anime seasons. Seventeen movies. Countless Figurines. Trading Cards. Clothing Items. Stickers. Backpacks. Lunchboxes. “Pokemon” is the juggernaut franchise that will live on for the rest of eternity.

It is one of the most legendary video game series’ of all time, but all legends come from humble beginnings and there’s none more humble than the original “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Blue”. Despite the huge selection of modern “Pokemon” titles, the boys from SnapThirty have decided that it is the oldest of the games they’d like to, once again, try to complete.

Unlike the way they would have played as kids, the boys decided to play through “Pokemon Blue” under the rules of their very own Nuzlocke Challenge. It’s much too bad they suck at playing video games together because at a short hour in their adventure must come to a close, BUT it’s not about the destination…it’s about the journey, and this journey is one that will be told through the ages as the worst Nuzlocke Challenge ever!


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