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These New JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Snacks Will Make You Feel Great!


Most good arcades will often offer up something along the lines of snack food to fuel players as they work hard attempting to land a high scores on their favorite games. Maybe you’re a fan of Tekken and need more wins on your record, so you head into your local arcade, slap down your Banapassport card, and there appears your modified Devil Jin with 299 wins and only a single loss. You now want to try add to that number by ghosting as many of the other players looking for a rumble as you can, but how can you be expected to nail combos with an empty stomach? You can’t! That’s ludicrous!

You go searching for something quick, close, and easy to settle the hunger pains. If you’re a young man or woman living in Japan that can relate to what I’ve just said, then you’ll be delighted to know that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure have collaborated with Umaibo snacks and are releasing their own limited line of Beef Tongue flavoured puffed corn treats across the great country in arcades only!


Considering how well-received the latest episode of the Diamond Is Unbreakable Anime adaptation was, which showed Okuyasu feeling overwhelmingly invigorated after eating the fine Italian food of Tonio Trendy, it only makes sense to want to release snack products featuring the delightful reactions of Okuyasu post-meal. Umaibo, for those of you not up to scratch with Japanese snack culture, are long tubes of puffed corn, as mentioned earlier, that come in a variety of different flavours.

From Chicken Teriyaki to simple chocolate, Umaibo features all the flavours you crave, and now thanks to Diamond Is Unbreakable they have added another flavour to their long catalogue; Beef Tongue. Don’t be dissuaded by the flavour, Beef Tongue is actually a delicious cut of the animal that I’m sure will translate well into snack form. Trust me, I know snacks. You don’t develop a body like mine without eating your fair share of snacks.


Unfortunately, these hopefully-delicious tubes of Beef Tongue goodness are only going to be made available in Japan, and not everywhere either; pretty much just in arcades. If you’re ever in the great country, and happen to pass an arcade, do yourself a favour and buy as many of these as possible, then come and see me, we’ll have a chat, snack on some JJBA Umaibo, you know…do the things that make life worth living. Until then though, don’t talk to me until you can shower me with Okuyasu snacks!


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  1. Mmmmm, my brother cant find it…… he is in Nagoya(Toyota city).

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