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There’s Something Special In Store For The 15th Anniversary Of ‘Digimon’

Digimon-15th-Anniversary-Digivice-Teaser-Image-01Can you believe it has almost been fifteen years!? You never really think about how long a franchise has been around until an anniversary celebration like this is announced. I remember my younger days, waking up early before I had to get ready for school, sitting down in front of the television and waiting for my favorite show to start; ‘Digimon Adventure’. From there my love for the series only grew. I collected every toy and game that I possibly could have. My folks, on the other hand, probably got sick of taking me to local toy stores every week looking for a specific character or digital device. I loved every minute of it; the anticipation, the travel, the wait in line and the obtaining of a new toy. There’s nothing like a child’s excitement and it’s something I’m sure Bandai is aware of.

There has been a recent addition to the official Premium Bandai Store website which happens to feature a teaser image for an upcoming ‘Digimon’ release to celebrate it’s 15th Anniversary. This particular picture, of which I’m sure you have already seen above, depicts two silhouettes of the original ‘Digivices’ which, let’s be honest, we all know belong to Tai and Matt respectively. One is orange, one is blue, one has the ‘Crest of Courage’, the other has the ‘Crest of Friendship’. We all know what is going on here…that doesn’t make it any less exciting though, does it? In fact, I think I’m more excited for what is to come now that I have a good idea of what it is.

Now it seems as though bandai plan on rereleasing the original ‘Digivices’ which, if you got in early as a kid, you probably have lying around somewhere at home. I was not one of the fortunate children who managed to get this particular ‘Digivice’ so I think I’m Digi-destined to purchase this one as soon as it is released. The page does say that this particular release is a ‘remake’ but that it, and I quote; “underwent a super evolution”. Works for me! The product wll be officially revealed next month (July) on the 19th, preorders for the product will open up on the 1st of August and it will be released sometime in December which is just in time for Christmas. I suggest getting in on this as soon as possible. I’m the type of person who always says something like “Ugh, I have to buy this!” yet ever does. This time…I’m for real. I HAVE to buy this!

Link: Premium Bandai Store, Digimon 15th Anniversary teaser page. (Click Here)


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  1. I never actually had the toy Digivices as a kid, but I’d definitely buy them now. At least if I happened to have some spare money when they’re released.

    • Frank Inglese says

      I’m like you man. As I mentioned in the article, I never had the chance to but the original Digivice so I think I owe it to myself to buy one now.

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