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There’s No Escaping Lady Law – One Piece’s First Gender-Swap Figure Released


When you look at a character like One Piece’s Trafalgar Law I bet the first thing you think to yourself is; “Holy hell, this here is one good-looking man!“…I know I do. Every time I see a new One Piece figure portraying “The Surgeon of Death” himself, I’m always blown away by just how damn handsome he is, and you know what they say; “Behind every handsome man…is a hyper sexy gender-bend just waiting to be seen“. Is that a saying? I’m fairly certain that’s a saying.

Now, One Piece, like all Shonen Manga series, is not merchandise shy. No way, no how! Almost every single character has his or her own figure, and that even includes ones that don’t necessarily exist within the canon of the series. MegaHouse, a development company that prides itself on high quality figures, has begun releasing a series of One Piece figures that just so happen to portray your favorite characters in their gender-swapped forms. The first of the series just so happens to be Trafalgar Law, but he is just one of many to be getting their own cross-gender designs.


A prototype version of the second of the series, titled Informal Request One Piece for some strange reason, was shown at last month’s Wonder Festival over in Japan that transforms meat-crazed series antagonist Monkey D. Luffy into a sporty young lady rocking open vest and what I would imagine to be a short denim skirt.

This is series is actually quite an exciting one simply because it quenches fans’ thirst for the “What If?” scenario of a gender-bent character. My hope is that this series is not only going to show the female version of male characters, but the male version of female characters. Why should it only be limited to the guys of the series when there are so many worthwhile girls? Knowing One Piece, chances are…something like that is bound to happen. It’s only a matter of time.


If you’re looking to get your hands on this Lady Law figure; pre-orders are now open over at the Premium Bandai online store, which you can get to by Clicking Here. As for the Luffy addition to the Informal Request series, we don’t know when she’ll be hitting the scene, but when she does…it’ll be with a bang, in true Monkey D. Luffy fashion.


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