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There’s A New “Naruto” Series In The Works – “Naruto: The Next Generation”

Naruto-The-Next-Generation-Shonen-Jump-Magazine-Scan-1-01It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that “Naruto”, at this point in time, is the most popular Shonen Anime/Manga series. In fact, it may be the most popular Anime/Manga series, period. Unlike many other series’, right this second, “Naruto’s” all-encompassing popularity has come about due to the fact that the long-running series is just about over forever. Or so we’re told.

Now don’t get my words wrong, “Naruto” is also much-loved to its characters, its story and the artwork behind the series but it’s no joke that the prospect of it ending has gotten people in a bit of a stir. This is why all the “Naruto” articles on our site are blowing up like crazy! Well, I’m here to deliver another piece of “Naruto-related” news that, let’s be real here, may or may not be one hundred percent legit. Basically…there’s a new “Naruto” Manga and possible Anime series on the way.

As you can see in the title of this article, it will be called “Naruto: The Next Generation” and it will focus on the children of the main cast. Reading “Naruto: The Next Generation”, even I feel skeptical but this is just a placeholder title. I’m sure it will change in the coming months. Shonen Jump Magazine, who broke this news, didn’t really give much detail on the upcoming series, only that it will be short and hopefully sweet. It’s definitely a great sendoff for the series that I’m certain all “Naruto” fans will be well and truly into. So far, we’ve not been given any word regarding any specific dates and whatnot so just expect to see this new series sometime in 2015.



  1. luis says

    Honestly i don’t want “Naruto” to end its the only shows i watch wether its cartoons or anime i only watch “Naruto” i don’t read much but this is something ill read forever and i feel like the show was just gaining momentum and climbing the latter and i would love this series to keep going i want to see Naruto become Hokage and the nations join for true peace and see Naruto have kids with Hinata and grow into even stronger ninja and i know there are many other questions many other ideas and it has to keep going…

    • Frank Inglese says

      I’m sure there are a LOT of people out there who agree with you. Even though I’m not too big a fan of “Naruto” anymore, I can appreciate a long-running series and the influence it has had on pop culture. That being said, I still think everything must come to an end. Thankfully for “Naruto”, it’s coming to a sweet end. :)

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