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There’s a New Addition To The “Danganronpa” Franchise – We’re In For A Whole New World Of Despair


Ow! It hurts when you lead me on with vague article titles!

I woke up this morning thinking to myself; “how can this world get any sadder?”, that’s when I discovered that there’s going to be a new addition to the devilish “Danganronpa” series and it’s NOT going to be another game.  No, this time the world will be getting a serving of despair in the form of a novel written by the critically acclaimed Japanese writer Yuya Sato. Sorry to mislead you but my inner Monokuma forced me to. This was announced through the novelists Twitter where he stated that he has begun working on a novel that will extend the already huge “Danganronpa” universe.

I’m not too sure who it was that actually hired Sato to begin writing but my assumption is that it is Monokuma himself who, as you may know, is the pinnacle of death, destruction and despair in the world right now…bar none. No details regarding the actual story of the novel have been released but I’m very much hoping that we’ll hear something about it very, very soon. My assumption? It’s going to be something terrible…in the good way. As in; a story so good but so full of tragedy. THAT’S the “Danganronpa” way!


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