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The Voice of the Crow Flies South – Hideo Ishikawa Announced as Guest for SMASH! 2016


I can hear the backstory from here

Convention time draws ever nearer friendly friends, so it’s time to keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the sky as information starts a-flowin’ like some kind of detail sprouting river. Terrible similes aside, let’s talk about SMASH! for a little while shall we? Bringing anime and manga to Sydney in a show like format, this particular convention has made known one of the oh so special guests that will be appearing in this, the year 2016. Audiophiles and anime fans rejoice, ’cause Hideo Ishikawa is coming to town.

With characters such as Itachi Uchiha, Jushiro Ukitake and Squall Leonhart rockin’ his voice, chances are you’ve probably heard Hideo Ishikawa sometime during your fictitious romps through pop culture. However, chances are somewhat slim that you’ve ever actually seen the man in person. Well, that could all change if you wander on over to SMASH!, you know, when it’s taking place. turn up beforehand and you might be a little disappointed. Nevertheless, this particular guest will very much be in attendance, a fact which SMASH! President Andrew Qiu is in great support of.

“This is our 10th anniversary year and what better way to kick off the guest line-up than with Mr Hideo Ishikawa himself. Naruto is one of Japan’s successful franchises with millions of fans around the world, including Australia. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about Ishikawa’s Naruto journey, and his experiences as a voice actor in the animation industry.”

Mr Qiu also stated Ishikawa’s appearance, “reflects SMASH!’s ongoing commitment to bringing the best of Japanese pop-culture to Australia,” which is another way of saying that you can expect a whole lot of stuff at this particular convention. So, you probably want to keep an eye on future information regarding SMASH! I mean sure, hideo Ishikawa’s appearance might be enough to entice you, but why not get a whole bunch of extra stuff as well? Like a neat hat…probably an anime related hat. Or an Akatsuki robe, that’s thematically relevant.


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