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The Twain Shall Meet – Final Fantasy XV TGS 2015 Trailer Revealed


What future will the past create?

One of the longest awaited Final Fantasy games in quite a while has reveived yet another trailer thanks to the Tokyo Game show of this, the year 2015. Now, whether you believe this game to be awaited due to its content or the delays that saw it jump from a member of the XIII franchise to its own shiny new number is neither hither nor thither, because we’re here to look at a pretty trailer. Graphics away!

Rounding out as pretty brief in the ol’ length department, this cinematic trailer shows us glimpses of protagonist Noctis and a semi-imprisoned lady known as Luna. I say semi-imprisoned on account of her simply brushing aside one of the machine guns pointed at her head. Yeah, fully imprisoned people can’t just do that…it gets them shot. Anyway, a thematic flashback of fifteen years reveals that there may lie secrets in Noctis’ past relevant to the event of XV proper. They might not be, but it’d be pretty weird if they made a trailer for something that wasn’t important to the story…it’d be a hell of a twist though.

For those of you more interested in reality, a secondary video helpfully titled Location Hunting has also been released. In it, we see a snippet of the team behind the game, as they quest to find picturesque locations on which to base the world of XV…as well as learn what animal teeth look like. It’s not always the most glamourous job in the world, but somebody has to do it.

So there you have it, another glimpse into the FF installment that has been around the corner for so long it makes you wonder if it’s hiding from us. On the plus side, we now know that you can ride Chocobos. That’s cool.


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