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The Torment Returns – Dark Souls III Announced


Prepare yourself…

Dark Souls, the most beloved game that purposely strives to challenge players to the point of infuriation. For those who struggle onwards, renown for actually besting the bosses awaits. For everyone else…mostly rage and sadness lie in the future. Yet despite this schism of players, the franchise remains strong. Strong enough that yet another adventure into the land of dead, undead and re-dead foes has been announced.

That’s right folks, at the news behemoth that is E3, From Software revealed their trailer for the upcoming Dark Souls III. Presented with the tagline “…now only embers remain”, the game looks to promise more of the grim, horror filled landscape players have come to love…at least the Dark Souls interpretation of love.

Set for an ambiguous release in Early 2016, news is bound to present itself as we progress through the year. Until then, venture forth in classic Dark Souls style; uncertain, trepidatious, excited and vastly unprepared. Gaming is fun isn’t it?


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