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The Time War Rages On – Dragon Ball XenoVerse Ships Over 1.5 Million Units


Join the Time Patrol…everyone’s doing it

Just a little heads up for all you XenoVerse fans out there, if you’re currently enjoying taking to the DBZ timestream, you are not alone. In fact you’re amongst quite the large group, numbering somewhere over 1.5 million in fact. Can you imagine how many customisable characters that equates to? Probably a number directly proportional to the number of games sold now that I think about it…

Masayuki Hirano (Game Producer, Bandai Namco Games) commented on this success, stating:

“I would like to thank everyone for their support on this new challenge. We decided to take a risk and create a completely new concept to entertain our fans and Dragon Ball lovers and we are quite proud of the successful result! On a more personal note, I feel honoured to create a game around a licence as massive as Dragon Ball!On behalf of Bandai Namco Games: thanks for your amazing support! We will continue working and reaching new heights!”

So there you have it, a Dragon Ball title that has quite a few people kicking butt all throughout the canon, a number that is still growing. So join in on the fun if you haven’t already and show the fictional world who’s boss.


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