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The Stars Align As The Hunter X Hunter Manga Returns From Hiatus Once Again

Hunter-X-Hunter-Return-Announcement-Image-01Just before we move on; does anyone know if a new Dragon Quest game is about to be released? I only ask because it’s a known fact that Hunter X Hunter Mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi happens to adore those games and, in the past, their release has lead to many a hiatus for this long-running series. No, it doesn’t look like it, and seeing as though Dragon Quest Builders has already been released over in Japan, I think we’re in the clear! All jokes aside, the reason why Hunter X Hunter has been on hiatus since 2014 is not because of Togashi-sensei’s addiction to the award-winning JRPG series, it is in fact due to lower back pain that he has been unable to continue with the series. Originally, back in 2014, this hiatus was not meant to be such, but instead a two week break while he recovers. Unfortunately it seems as though the issue only got worse as time went on, leading to the two year break fans of the series have had to endure.

It was announced through Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump website recently alongside a one-shot Naruto Gaiden story, and two new Yu-Gi-Oh! chapters that just so happen to focus on the classic characters Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba. This announcement, titled “Jump’s Great Blitzes In April“, heavily implies that, well…these three Manga will appear within the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump sometime this April. Now the two Yu-Gi-Oh! chapters will appear across two Shonen Jump issues; the first being on the 11th of April and the second being on the 18th. The reason I say that Hunter X Hunter’s return will take place sometime in April is simply because it is listed as such, but as this article is being written no specific dates have been confirmed.

So long as nothing goes horribly wrong, by the end of April we should finally be seeing more of Hunter X Hunter until it, inevitably, goes back on hiatus for whatever reason. Hopefully Shonen Jump follow through with this, mostly vague, announcement and begin featuring the new chapters of Hunter X Hunter as soon as they possibly can.

UPDATE: First chapter to return on the 18th of April.


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